How It Works

Step 1: Registration

Create the new registration in Kuruvee app, by entering the profile details like name, email id, mobile number and create the password. Once registration completed enter the mail id and password for login credentials.

Step 2: Find Services

Here we need to enter the destination and the date need to travel and view the details for service availability and select the services click Book now option. Mention the Leaving from place where the pick-up.Mention the place Going to

Step 3: My bookings

Services which are booked by ours will be listed here with booking status. Click on the My bookings to view the status of Booking request is approved, booked or cancelled.

Step 4: Offer Services

In Offer Services, offers will be entered here. Mention the Address,City for Pick-up place. Mention the Address,City for Drop-off place. And click Next button. Once mentioned offer services will be uploaded in My bookings where people will find services and start booking the services which is already get offered.

Step 5: No. Of users ride with you

In No. of users ride with you, can collect the details of how many users will be ride with you simultaneously.